Some of the major threats currently facing the Sundarbans are the Rampal coal-fired power plant, the coal plant, regular forest fires that ravage precious ecosystems, and effects of climate change.   Rampal coal-fired power plant There have been many studies that have been carried out about the Rampal coal plant — analyzing its viability from different angles.

Harm to Human Health from Breathing and Ingesting Coal Ash Toxicants by Earthjustice
Date : 24 July 2017
Emissions, Atmospheric Deposition and Ecological Effects of Mercury, including Emissions from the Rampal, Bangladesh and Effects on the Sundarbans Forest Biogeographic Zone by Charles T. Driscoll, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Skyracuse University, Skyracuse NY 13244, ctdsco@syr.edy.
Date : 17 June 2017
Powerpoint Presentation
Critical review of shipping and dredging plans to facilitate coal transport for the coal fired power plant at Rampal, Khulna, Bangladesh by Dr. William Kleindl, President, Naiad Aquatic Consultants LLC.; Research Faculty at Montana State University & The University of Montana, United States.
Date : 5 June 2017
Environmental Hazard Assessment of Coal Ash Disposal at the Proposed Bangladesh-India Friendship Power Company Plant in Rampal, Bangladesh by A. Dennis Lemly, specialized in the ecotoxicology of selenium, NC, USA
Date : May 2017
Projecting the air quality, toxic and health impacts of the Rampal coal-­‐fired power plant Lauri Myllyvirta, coal and air pollution specialist, Greenpeace
Date : May 05, 2017
Comments on the Government of Bangladesh’s Response to UNESCO Regarding Air Emissions from the Bangladesh-India Friendship Power Plant at Rampal, Bangladesh – By Dr. RAnajit (Ron) Sahu, Ph.D, QEP,CEM, Engineer and Air Quality Consultant
Date : March 7, 2017
Letter to the World Heritage Committee
Date : March 17, 2017
Statement to the Government of Bangladesh expressing concern about closed door meetings with UNESCO on the Rampal project
Date : October 28, 2016
Letter to the Special Rapporteurs of the United Nations Human Rights Council
Date : October 26 2016
Legal Briefing of NCSS on UNESCO Report
Date : October 26, 2016