National Committee for Saving the Sundarbans (NCSS) is a coalition of over 50 organisations dedicated to protecting the natural biodiversity and cultural heritage of the Sundarbans — the world’s largest mangrove forest — which is facing serious threats from large-scale projects such as Rampal and Orion coal-fired power plants, encroachment by powerful interests, deforestation, and the effects of climate change such as sea level rise, salinity intrusion and devastating cyclones.

NCSS has been in operation for 04 years since 2012, and has organised and taken part in numerous dialogues, press conferences, rallies, and other events across Bangladesh to raise awareness among the people, and advocate for responsible solutions with policymakers.

Sultana Kamal, former adviser to a non party caretaker government, eminent human rights activist and Vice President of Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA).
Biography of Sultana Kamal

Mohd. Abdul Matin, Member Secretery, National Committee for Saving the Sundarbans














Member organisations of NCSS:

  1. Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA)
  2. Waterkeepers Bangladesh
  3. Work for Better Bangladesh Trust
  1. Nagorik Uddyog
  2. Nirapad Development Foundation (NDF)
  3. Save the Sundarban Foundation (SSF)
  4. Bangladesh Environment Lawyers Association (BELA)
  5. Nijera Kori
  6. Association for Land Reforms & Development (ALRD)
  7. Transparency International, Bangladesh (TIB)
  8. Bagerhat Development Committee (BDC)
  9. Center for Human Rights Movements (CHRM)
  10. Coastal Development Program (CDP)
  11. Energy Rights Movement, CAB
  12. Bangladesh Resource Center for Indigenous Knowledge (BARCIK)
  13. Tel Gas Khonij Shampad Biddyut Bandar Rakkha Andolon
  14. Blue Planet Initiatives (BPI)
  15. Osmani Uddyan Rakkha Andolon
  16. Equity Bangladesh
  17. Movement for Implementation of UN Convention 1997
  18. Bangladesh Campaign against Climate Change (BCCC)
  19. Network for Climate Change, Bangladesh (NCCB)
  20. Jol Poribesh Institute
  21. Green Voice (GV)
  22. Nirapod Nau Path Andolon (NNPA)
  23. Bangladesh Environmental Engineers Association(BEEA)
  24. Coastal and Marine Conservation Movement (CMCM)
  25. Psaarc Water Forum Bangladesh
  26. Jatyo Nadi Rakkha Andolon (JNRA)
  27. Buriganga Bachao Andolon (BBA)
  28. Adibashi Poribesh Rakkha Andolon (APRA)
  29. PEACE
  30. CEDAS
  31. Khowai River Waterkeeper
  32. Haor Onchalbashi
  33. Krishi Jomi Rakkha Committee, Rampal
  34. Udichi, Khulna
  35. Sujon, Khulna
  36. Humanity Watch
  37. Khulna Nagorik Society
  38. Poribesh Shurakkhai Upokulio Joot(PSUJ)
  39. Uttamasha, Khulna
  40. Chetona 71, Khulna
  41. Proshika, Khulna
  42. Pashur River Waterkeeper, Mongla
  43. Ain O Odhikar Bastobayon Forum, Khulna
  44. Muktijuddha Santan O Projonmo Kallyan Samity, Khulna
  45. Mongla Nagorik Samaj, Mongla
  46. Nadi Pakkha
  47. Sundor Jibon
  48. Bhumi Sontan, Sylhet
  49. Prakitojon, Habiganj
  50. Surma River Waterkeeper